2011 National Awards and Recognition

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The National Wiffle League Association (NWLA), who produces the National Wiffleball Rankings ( ) continue to closely follow the PWL. The rankings follow 48 active leagues and 335 teams around the country.

In addition to rankings, they present year end Wiffy Awards and name National Teams.

Their 2011 Final Rankings featured three PWL teams. The Barnburners, who only play our Spring Season, peaked at the #1 National Ranking earlier this season.

Final 2011 Rankings

  • #6 Blandsford Barnburners
  • #18 Scared Hitless
  • #46 Superman’s Wheelchair

The PWL was also recognized for another Wiffy Award in 2011.

For the second year in a row, PWL won the “Wiffleball Event of the Year” in conjunction with the Kalamazoo Wiffle League for the Battle of the Leagues.

2011 Wiffy Awards

  • Wiffleball Event of the Year

Players in the PWL also continue to get recognition among the best players in the country.

2011 National Teams

  • 1st Team Pitchers – Joseph Thaman / Nicholas DiCrosta
  • 2nd Team Pitchers – Alex Filides
  • 3rd Team Pitchers – David Dembnicki
  • 1st Team Hitters – Jim Shannon
  • 2nd Team Hitters – Matt Dreyfus
  • 3rd Team Hitters – Jack Shannon
  • 1st Team Rookies – Jon Campbell
  • 1st Team Fielders – Jim Shannon
  • 2nd Team Fielders – Scott Abrahams
  • 3rd Team Fielders – Jon Campbell

For a complete list of past PWL winners of National Awards, see our 2009-2010 story.

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