Week 2 Preview (Sp12): Build an Arc

Written by - Posted 2012-04-19 21:10 in News

Rememeber how it was kinda hot and really windy Week 1? Well, get ready for really cold and kinda rainy. And sure, our friend, Mr. Wind, he’ll be back as well.

Also joining us Week 2 all the way from West Virginia will be some national wiffleball press. Josh Smith, the Editor of Wiffler’s Digest will be taking in the action of the PWL for Week 2.

With any luck, he and the rest of us will get to see Scared Hitless, who desperately needs a #1 overall seed in postseason to make it back to the World Series, start the season 2 and 2. In another big game Moose Knuckes finally get their pre-season wish and get to face Joe Thaman. Conventional wisdom is that the three time, consecutive Cy Young Winner isn’t losing any sleep over this one.

We’re not allowed to play if it’s “raining”. We’ll certainly wait it out a few minutes if there will be a short burst, then get back to play. So, make sure you head to the fields so you don’t have to forfeit.

There are several ways to find out about cancellations (in order from fastest to slowest):

  • Twitter: follow us @potomacwiffle and set your notification to go to your mobile phone and you’ll get an SMS as soon as a decision is made.
  • Facebook: on Facebook we’ll update the “status” on the PWL page as well as send an “update” to the fans.
  • Phone Line: call the game info line at 800-6-WIFFLE and the automated recording will tell you if the games are on.
  • Website: this website will be updated with a story on the main page announcing the cancellation.
  • Email: if you are signed up on the PWL email list an email will go out with the cancellation.

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