Grass Out: NO WIFFLEBALL 5/17

Written by - Posted 2009-05-17 14:19 in News

Despite getting a semi-lucky break with the weather, (the rain stopped almost an hour before first pitch), PWL officials were unable to get the field into proper playing condition to resume Week 3 games on 5/17. After weeks of rain and no maintenance by the National Park Service, grass at the field was over a foot tall.

League officials wouldn’t comment on their attempts to get the field ready, on the advice of the General Counsel.

“I can’t say that we attempted to mow ourselves, as I’m not sure how you are defining the words, “attempted”, or “mow”, or “we”, but let’s just say that if we could have, we would have,” said Commissioner Gallaway in a brief statement.

This is the third postponement of Week 3 games due to weather and field issues. Next week is a planned off week for the Memorial Day holiday, making a new league record 35 days off before games resume on May 31st.

The Spring Season has often been delayed over the league’s history by rain, field conditions, and arsenic on the field, causing some to wonder if the Spring Season should be scrapped in favor of a one weekend tournament followed by a Summer Season.

“As long as there is Spring, there will be wiffleball,” Commissioner Gallaway stated to critics. “Wiffleball in the Spring is as American as the big three car companies, and we will go on.”

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