New World Series Trophy Arrives at PWL HQ

Written by - Posted 2009-10-09 18:33 in News

A long awaited new trophy to be presented each season to the World Series Champions arrived at the PWL headquarters today.

The trophy, officially the “Commissioner’s Trophy” will be a permanent trophy that will remain at the PWL Hall of Fame, with name plates added for each winning team. The previous eight World Series Champions are already listed.

The trophy features five wiffleball bats, representing the original five teams that formed the league in 2005, reaching towards the stars, as so many of our players have.

The bats encircle a wiffleball, shaped like a globe, representing the worldliness of the game and the contribution plastic balls have made to advancing world peace.

The first World Series Trophy was presented after the Spring 2007 season when the Coconut Cowboys won the World Series. That trophy, modeled after the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Trophy featured pennants for each of the twelve teams in the league centered around a wiffleball. It was used only that season and was a smaller trophy intended to remain with the winning team.

From Summer 2008 through the Spring 2009 Season, World Series Winners were presented a take home trophy that included a ball and a bat in a display case.

Future winners will still receive this trophy for presentation at their home stadiums, while the new official trophy remains at the Hall of Fame, with special appearances at World Series games and the season ending Champions’ Dinners.

Two identical trophies were produced by the league and will be alternated on display at the Hall of Fame, while the other trophy remains secured at an undiclosed location.

The Potomac Wiffleball Hall of Fame is open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, except for for the summer solstice. Admission is free.

Touching the trophy is not allowed.

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