Player of the Week (Sp09): Week 3

Written by - Posted 2009-06-05 15:01 in POTW

In what is probably the most positive development of the month for the national Republican Party, Tony Ragano of Clubber Lang, picked up Player of the Week honors after an intense few days of voting.

279 votes were cast in what was a close race, for a time, between Ragano and other first time nominee David Korkoian of the Rossi Posse. Jake Tomko of the Blandsford Barnburners was out of the running early since he had better things to do with his time than win a web-based vote.

This week’s votes are the most cast since Week 5 of Summer 2007 when 1,076 votes were cast, 97% of which went to Stephen Zigmund. League officials never explained the voting irregularities, or confirmed if they believed those votes were legitimate.

The voting process came under scrutiny this week as Korkoian and Ragano’s battle at the ballot box raged. Some have suggested public voting doesn’t really reflect the opinions of the league members and players, giving fans (and player relatives) too much influence. Others have raised questions about technological advantages and multiple vote scenarios which would taint the results.

Commissioner Gallaway laughed off concerns, saying “when the federal election process is fixed, then we’ll fix this. But if massive voting problems are good enough for our American government, they’re good enough for the PWL”.

Ragano will be presented his POTW keychain award during a Week 4 ceremony.

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