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6 Innings with Felix Fernandez

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It’s been ages since we profiled a player for 6 Innings. But the announcement this week of the pending retirement of the current record holder for consecutive games played, the Cal Ripken, if you will, of the PWL, caused us to return the fan favorite.

The Commissioner once said something to the effect of if you’re waiting for a 6 Innings profile of Felix Fernandez, don’t hold your breath. But today, that is exactly what’s happening.

Fernandez, who walked away from perennial playoff contender Clubber Lang a few seasons ago to form his own perennial playoff contender NWO, is well known, if not well liked, among the PWL faithful. More like Ty Cobb than Cal Ripken, his intensity on the field is seldom matched, and his persona driven by that intensity is often scary.

This is a guy who brings a tee to the field to practice hitting wiffleballs off it. This is a guy who once took over 60 pitches (before the K-board was added) to wait for a mistake pitch so he could homer to win a game, and he did. This a guy who has repeatedly stolen bases even though stealing is not legal. This is a guy who wore a glove while pitching and playing the field. This is a guy who pays players to be on his team.

No fewer than three PWL rules were created as a direct result of his actions. Of no one else in the league can that be said.

Hate him or only kinda hate him, you cannot say that Felix Fernandez has not been important in the brief history of the PWL. Will he be missed? That is another story entirely.

Felix Fernandez

Nickname: Angry Wiffleball Guy, Douchebag and hundreds of other names players have given me over the seasons.
Age: 30 something
Hometown: Malden, MA
Resides: In July, will be making my residence in Minneapolis. Women stalkers keeps me from telling my current location.
Employer: Self employed, Arlington County
Bats: Right, with the exception of batting lefted handed to drop down a bunt
Throws: Fast
How did you find the PWL: Would you believe facebook?

Seasons: 8
Career Batting Avg: .371
Awards: MVP (Summer 2009), Player of the Week

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
AF: My favorite baseball team is the Boston RedSox. No, I do not blame Bill Buckner for the 86 mishap if that was the next question. We have redeemed ourselves since, winning 2 world series. Favorite player was Barry Bonds(insert joke here). Not only was he the best homerun hitter , but also showed a tremendous amount of plate discipline, one year amounting to 229 walks, though quite a few of those were intentional, but part of the reason he was so successful, especially late in his career was because he waited for his pitch. Favorite manager is Billy Martin for his unorthodox style of coaching.

TWIF: Home run, or stealing a base when the umpire isn’t watching?
AF: Did you mean when the pitcher isn’t watching also? You can’t argue with the results of a homerun, although my power numbers have slipped since the 2008 summer season, there is no guarantee you’ll score a run going from second to third on a steal or better yet my favorite, tagging up on a flyball going from first to third. I was the first player in history to tag up on a catcher caught foul ball and the double tag up or at least from the time I started playing in 2008. Maybe someone in the league did it before that, when the league was a lot less “douchy”.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
AF: Nick DiCrosta, I have yet to tell him I have a secret man crush on him, maybe I’ll do that next weekend.

TWIF: Have you ever done anything with a wiffle bat you’re not proud of?
AF: One time the bat slipped out of my hands while swinging, on a dreary day, almost hitting poor Joe Thaman. Joe’s one of the good guys in the league, however if it hit almost any other pitcher in the league, I probably wouldn’t have been as bothered by it.

TWIF: If you could pick a team to get wiped out by an airplane missing the runway and crashing, which team would it be and why?
AF: What happened to pick a player? Okay okay. Although there are teams that I definitely would like to beat, I don’t think I could actually wish that on anyone or team. I just try to focus on my own team and don’t worry so much about what the other teams are doing.

TWIF: You’re kind of a weird, creepy guy, and there aren’t many mixed feelings about you among the league members. Most people dislike you, some because you’re weird and creepy, some because you’re so intense on the field. What don’t people know about the real, off-field, Alex Filides that would bring them around to you?
AF: To respond to the first part, if, each and every player hates me and it results in a championship, it would be more than worth it. I’m actually a pretty decent guy off the field, but my intense desire to win, “brings out the best in me”. I’m a tots sports teacher as part of employment and have was a competitive marathon runner back in the day. I enjoy other sports such as hockey and basketball.

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