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6 Innings with Michael Kirby

Written by - Posted 2009-05-06 00:16 in Six Innings

We’re bringing back a fan favorite this week by sitting down with Michael Kirby for Six Questions in Six Innings. Kirby was named as the league photographer by Commissioner Gallaway this week, becoming the second person in history to hold the job. The last photographer, Chris Kennedy, did great work, but disappeared shortly after his appointment. We’re hoping Kirby sticks around longer. He took a record 99 photos during Week 2. If only his batting average was that high.

Michael Kirby
Age: 27
Hometown: Chocolate City, USA (DC, born and raised)
Resides: Manassas, VA
Employer: Community Residences in Chantilly, VA
Bats: R (but will hit from the other side of the plate for giggles)
Throws: R (it’s my strong hand)

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
MK: Favorite baseball team? By a country mile, the Boston Red Sox. All hail Sawx Nation. My favorite player growing up was Ryan Sandberg. Currently, it’s Mr. MVP Dustin Pedroia.

TWIF: Have you ever done anything under the bleachers you’re not proud of?
MK: I refuse to answer that question on the grounds I might incinerate myself. Because if I do more than hint at the bleacher activity, Shawn might try to set me on fire.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about Wiffleball?
My favorite thing about The Wif is the smell of hot plastic, the thunk of the bat, and the thrill of victory. But mostly it was seeing BClapp’s face when our motley band of free agents beat the Possi week one. Love that guy, but man, how do you let a bunch of first-timers split the series?

TWIF: Ground Out or Fly Out?
MK: Fly Out. Gets my hopes up that they might not catch it.

TWIF: If you could lock up one player from the league in the Fort for the rest of the season, who would it be?
MK: I’d lock up Jack from the Barnburners, no doubt. One, because they’d have to forfeit with only two players, and two, because it should be against league rules to be that good. Stop setting the bar so high!

TWIF: They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The Wackazoids had never met each other before Week 1, and yet, seem to be having as much fun as a team as the Rossi Posse. What’s the secret to your team’s chemisty and what are you guys going to do to stay on top of the Western Division?
MK: That’s a quality question there, Chris. Let me go on record as saying that we wanna play good and we hope we play good and there’s no “I” in team and it’s a team effort and we just go out there and give 110%. Standard locker room reply aside, I haven’t a clue. Sex jokes and music via cell phone? Major kudos to our players after every play? Not caring about the score? Putting in Brenna to pitch? Whatever it is, the mojo is flowin. And whatcha gonna do, brutha, when the ‘Zoids run wild on YOU!? * flex *

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