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6 Innings with Matt Dreyfus

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We’re bringing back a fan favorite this week, our 6 Questions for 6 Innings profile of a current league player. We’ll try to keep up and do one each week of the regular season so you get to know some of the characters in the league better.

This week, it’s Matt Dreyfus. Fresh off a World Series Championship with the Canvassers, but now back with his old team Scared Hitless, Dreyfus is one of the premier hitters in the league. He opens up about his priorities and his history, but we forgot to ask him about his socks.

Matt Dreyfus
Team: Scared Hitless
Nickname: The Big Cat
Age: 28
Hometown: Miller Place, NY
Resides: Rockville, MD
Employer: Consumer Product Safety Commission
Bats: R
Throws: R

PHOTO: Dreyfus, pictured in his college wiffleball days. The name of the bat was “Vindicator”. He was also into Tomb Raider.

Seasons: 3
Career AVG: .541
Career SLG: 1.033
Awards: Gold Glove for Pitcher, Gold Glove for Catcher, Rookie of the Year, Four Nominations for Player of the Week

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
MD: I’ve been a NY Mets fan forever. I had a Darryl Strawberry poster on my wall and imitated his batting stance on the wiffle fields of my youth. Probably good I didn’t know about his, um, transgressions during that time. With all that said, as a DC resident for 2 years I’ve taken kindly to the Nationals. I’m definitely on the Strasburg bandwagon- I’ve heard he is 8 feet tall, breathes fire and throws fastballs at the speed of sound.

TWIF: Home run, or legging a single into a double?
MD: Chicks and I both dig the long ball. Hits come and go, but a perfectly crushed wiffleball- that stays with you. I never forget a quality home run.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
MD: I thought about discussing how wiffleball captures the essences of nostalgia and competition, but really it boils down to one thing: I love to unleash the wrath (aka hit the crap out of the ball). When that correlates to winning games, what is not to like?

TWIF: Have you ever done anything under the bleachers you’re not proud of?
MD: My agent has prepared a response on behalf:
“Matt apologizes to his friends, family, and fans around the world. These issues are a private matter, and Matt has taken necessary steps to make amends. He went to a leading treatment facility over the offseason, and is ready to turn to the next page in his career.”

TWIF: If you could lock up one player from the league in the Fort tower for the season, who would it be?
MD: I have to say no one – vanquishing my nemeses on the field of battle is infinitely more satisfying than avoiding them altogether. That’s assuming the strike board will be put in effect this season. Otherwise, anyone who takes hittable pitches on purpose should be locked away. That is valuable time wasted where I could be batting.

TWIF: After three seasons, you’re a .541 hitter, one of the best in the league, but you almost missed the playoffs, and your first World Championship, last season because you got married. If your wedding was a bigger priority than wiffleball, are you really doing what it takes to be one of the all time great wiffleball players, hall of fame bound?
MD: I’ve faced these criticisms and take questions about my determination very seriously. As a result, if my wife were to procreate, we have agreed that she will not give birth on a Sunday, or on any weekday when a postseason game is scheduled. Additionally, in my newest Scared Hitless contract, I have agreed never to get married again.

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