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On the Road: Heading to London

We are on the road heading to London, OH for the famed and much anticipated London Wiffleball Tournament.

Using the Commissioner’s mammoth laptop and his aircard, this dispatch is actually coming to you from the front seat of our rental van. It is 9:45pm, and we have about 230 more miles to go.

To be honest, we don’t really know what to expect out of this tournament. Over 90 teams are expected to play, and if we are as good as we think we can be – this means over a DOZEN games played.

While the PWL rules are based on the London tournament rules – there are some signifcant differences we are confronted with. Here are some of the more interesting ones for all you wiffle-gurus out there:

  • The pitching — UNDERHAND. While there are no walks, there are called strikes. If the ball lands in a marked area behind the plate – be ready – that is a strike.
  • There are three outs per half inning, but only 5 innings.
  • While it is a badge of honor in PWL to PEG a baserunner, you aren’t allowed to do this in the London tourney.
  • Sliding is NOT allowed.