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London: Field Photos and Dimensions

Field layout information for the 2010 London Wiffleball Tournament.

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Bases have not been measured and placed yet. The distances were based on the assumptions that bases would be placed at the proper distances according to the rules, and that second base would be lined up directly centered between the foul lines. Some distances, H to 1, 3 to H, H to 2, are specified in the rules. The other distances vary because the width of the fields vary.

  • Field: Official MLB Foul Lines
  • Width (1st/3rd): 67
  • Angle of Foul Lines: 90
  • Home to 1st: 50
  • 1st to 2nd: 48
  • 2nd to 3rd: 48
  • 3rd to Home: 45
  • Home to 2nd: 68

These are the dimensions using the official baseball…